Car and Van Air Conditioning Service and Repairs in Limerick


Stay Cool In Summer and Warm in Winter…


The benefits of a fully functional air conditioning system are particularly welcome during the warmer summer months but if you don’t have your system serviced regularly, the efficiency of your air conditioning suffers and this results in poorer climate control and a less comfortable driving experience.


At Seamus McGrath Motors, our services ensure that you are never left feeling hot under the collar.


Did you know that infrequent servicing of your car air conditioning allows harmful spores to build up? The allergens and pathogens in your vehicle air conditioning system could leave you feeling nauseous and in a worst-case scenario, this could affect your ability to drive safely. The same allergens and pathogens are also a major contributor towards asthma.


We provide air conditioning servicing and air conditioning repairs in Limerick for all vehicle makes and models. Seamus McGrath Motors invest heavily into advanced servicing and diagnostic equipment.



Because we always do our best to keep prices down, we can undertake all recharging work at a fraction of equivalent main dealership rates.


Seamus McGrath Motors provide full system inspections to ensure there are no signs of refrigerant leakage. Failure to repair refrigerant leaks could result in the premature wear of surrounding parts and components, an issue that ultimately results in more expensive repair costs that could be easily and affordably avoided.


We provide car aircon services to the public, trade, local garages and main dealers.


Feel free to contacts us by email or simply ring on: 061 317788 | 061 603958 to book your car in for our  air conditioning service

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